Kangal Shepherd Dog

The Kangal Shepherd Dog (KSD) originated from Turkey. All KSD in Australia were imported from Turkey, Europe and America. Australia developed the breed in 1980's and have contributed to the sound healthy large dogs currently working in this Great Southern Land.

Originally the Kangal Shepherd Dog worked as a guardian of flock in the providences of Turkey, fending off predators such as wolves, bears and jackals. Today in Australia these magnificant large dogs are found protecting livestock on farms and stations where they fend off wild dogs, foxes and on occasion two legged trespasses.

Over the years of sound breeding in Australia the Kangal Shepherd Dog is found working a guards for businesses, as well as smaller hobby farms. 

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is loyal and protective of their family, showing gentleness with all their family members including children and small animals. With special care and training occassionaly they are used as service dogs and visiting people in hospice care.

Devotion to their charge is their main proirity.

Once a person has been loved by the Kangal Shepherd Dog; it's hard to go back!

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