Health & Welfare

GARAMASIN recognises the value of animal welfare to our community and strives to ensure that all our dogs receive appropriate standard of care. As companions and working dogs; both have an important place in the lives of many people and businesses including farming with livestock protection dogs, guard dogs and personal service dogs.

Our breeding practices are developed to protect the health and welfare of our dogs. When selecting breeding dogs GARAMASIN considers the risk of genetic disorders and any exaggerated physical characteristics which may pose health and welfare risks. To prevent inherited disorders and ensure the gene pool is sound for the future of our rare breed of primitive dog; GARAMASIN considers every aspect of the dog and most importantly the health of the breed.

The selection of dogs for breeding is foremost to ensure indiscriminate and irreponsible breeding practices do not occur for the contribution towards healthy population of Kangal Shepherd Dogs in Australia and overseas.

To safeguard the welfare, safety and health of our dogs all prospective owners will be informed Kangal Shepherd Dogs are a primitive breed and as such not all people or businesses are acceptable to be a guardian of one of these magnificiant large dogs.

GARAMASIN puppies are genetically tested and we will monitor the upbringing of those puppies into adulthood for future breeding.

All our breeding practices are compliant to the ANKC and FCI rules and regulations. We support and contribute to the overall breed for the future.

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Queensland, QLD, Australia
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