Breeding Plans - Puppy notice

GARAMASIN Kangal is proud to announce a planned litter for 2020

Takas Gungadin & Takas Autumn Mist

Gungadin and Autumn are Australian Champion Kangal Shepherd Dogs

Both these exceptional Çoban Kopegi dogs work with animals and have shown exceptional traditional qualities protecting their charge and friendliness in public environments

Parents and puppies will be DNA tested as per Dogs Queensland rules and regulations

Our aim is to produce well-balanced Çoban Kopegi dogs and maintain the Kangal type in accordance with the standard. We believe temperament, health and welfare ranks over appearance, so while maintaining the standard in appearance, we aim to produce dogs with outstanding Çoban Kopegi health and temperament to suit the family and working lifestyle needed.

From the moment of birth, each puppy has a unique temperament. We pride ourselves in finding the best home to suit each puppy, based on the puppy's temperament. for this purpose, we require a lot of information on potential GARAMASIN Kangal owners as this information will help us match a puppy with the best possible home and determine if a Çoban Kopegi is the right breed to suit your lifestyle. 

Owning a primitive breed such as a Çoban Kopegi comes with a huge responsibility and is not to be taken lightly.

GARAMASIN Kangal selected both Gungadin and Autumn on health test results, genetic compatibility, temperament, conformation and type. 

While Kangal Shepherd Dogs do make excellent family dogs, they require families to have the time to provide mental and physical stimulation. They will require training techniques which may differ from traditional dog training.

Kangal Shepherd Dogs are suited to guardian stock protection where they are able grow to their full potential. 

The puppies will be assessed and based on their personalities they may have the potential as obedience, agility, service, livestock protection, or other where high trainability, intelligence, confidence and energy are required.

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